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Photo Reward will soon become the future of enforcement and reward thru social shepherding of average citizens creating order, it is all just a matter of time. 
 We will be procuring a relationship with Google Glass and many other related corporations. 
We again will be working with insurance companies, police departments and Retail outlets and the general public for getting them to pay rewards to those filming wrong doing and having the reward sent to anyone and split on a percentage bases anonymously.

This is a game changer for the world and where the world is headed . If you are interested in owning possibly a billion dollars worth of stock once the IPO goes on Photo Reward then get in touch with Chad Beckwith Smith 613 756 5001 for investment opportunities

In Pembroke, Ontario Canada a few days ago this young lady was texting while driving  and if she continues she very well  may kill some one including herself.

All that is needed to stop this is to let Insurance Companies increase rates according to photographic or video evidence of extremely dangerous driving. 

If this girl dies or kills someone the MPPs in power will be partially responsible.


Become a "Social Shepard" Earn money, save lives, join today!

If you have a photo or video of a car that is not supposed to be texting or reckless driving … then send it up to me and I will try to get the government and Insurance companies to turn your photo or video into a reward for you. You shall stay anonymous and I will split the reward money 50/50 with you. In California that could mean $500 in your pocket just for one photo.  Send it to or and include as much information as you can with the photo and you paid annual membership.

Photo can help solve the problem of people  Texting while driving. So we ask that you join us.

Below is a copy of the recent letter to the Ontario Regulator asking for his office to allow our new regulation proposal.

April 3, 2013

Philip Howell CEO of FSCO

5160 Yonge Street, 17th  Floor

P.O Box 85

North York, ON M2N 6LN

416-250-7250, 800668-0128



Chad Beckwith Smith

1529 Lower Craigmont Road
Combermere, Ontario


Dear Philip Howell,

I'm respectfully asking that you use your position and allow auto insurance companies to adjust auto insurance premiums, according to real time photographic or video evidence of bad driving behavior of a vehicle identified by its license plate number.

If you simply allow this to be done then my innovative company will immediately go to work with the auto insurance of Ontario with giving enormous benefit to our society as a whole.

The benefits of you simply adding this regulation will have and enormous impact on the people of Ontario and will make it the safest place in the world to drive a vehicle.

It shall

  • Saves the lives of many people from dying in a car crash
  • Reduce Catastrophic injuries where by a person is missing a leg or arms or other life long disabilities will certainly be diminished.
  • Traffic jams will be lessened because of fewer accidents.
  • Court Costs and policing cost will be reduced dramatically and in turn this will thus reduce the Provincial deficit.
  • Auto Insurance will come down drastically in price for all responsible law abiding drivers.

I ask that you give this a top priority because every delay in making these regulations men, woman and children needlessly die or are seriously injured and this maybe the most important work that you ever do in your life.

I look forward to your response and ask you to make all efforts it this.


Chad Beckwith Smith


  Monetary profit is the lifeline of a corporation.   Errant drivers bleed those profits. offers a unique tourniquet to insurance firms desirous to forever stanch needless claimant payouts. is a new innovative internet based business, servicing Insurance risk management and local communities throughout the world in an effort to reduce insurance risk,  traffic violations, accidents and injuries by a new form of community involvement thru photography and open to anyone to contribute and be anonymously rewarded monetarily for doing so.

    The video below appears to show  two trucks speeding and racing each other and is a good example of what insurance companies need to see in order to adjust premiums to a rate closer to the actual risk to their reserves by viewing current behavior of their clients.

 In the start of the video you can just barely see the racing truck bending the curve way down the road. The passing truck is pulling a trailer loaded with heavy wire and the driver appears to be going 30 km. over the speed limit.  Had this trailer blown a tire there would more than likely have been a fatality from this reckless behaviour.

I would say this driver is an accident waiting to happen and if I were an insurance company that wanted to stay in business I certainly would not want to be insuring him or I would increase his premiums substantially . The asking price for this video is  $1,000. That means $500 would have gone right into your PayPal account had you been the member who submitted it.  By joining Photo    you have an opportunity to make lots of money, stay completely anonymous and possibly save lives at the same time. So what are you waiting for?

This video is an example of what is needed in order for you to make money with also.  First of all, always make sure you are safely taking the video or photo as in this video it was the passenger that was holding the camera.  We recommend that you always use a dash cam while driving  to be safe or have someone else drive while you are taking the photo or video with your cell phone or carmera.

Remember to show the bad driving behavior, the plate number of the vehicle and the time and location.  Then you just upload it to us anonymously along with your membership ID and we do the rest by trying  to sell it and splitting the money 50/50 with you.

It is that easy!

    Remember there are many types of bad behavior that can  be videotaped, for example, running stop signs or stop lights, texting while driving, using cell phone, swerving like a drunk driver, road rage, littering, handicap parking violation, and lots more.

    I certainly recommend that you check out car or dash-cams as you could make money with them just by driving to work each day. 

Get Paid Good money For Your Photos or Videos from your camera or cell phone!
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In Renfrew County it is a $5,000 fine for littering on a county road. We at will try to turn that fine into a reward for you and you will stay completely anonymous. Please make sure you get the tag number of the car that is doing the littering. If you cannot get a photo of the person driving the car but still have the car plates in the photo we will still try to turn the fine into a reward. We will split it with you 50/50.  So that will be $2,500 in your pocket for a video of littering on a county road.

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Photo is a new business concept in making money from Photography. It was created by Chad Beckwith Smith and has all rights reserved.  We are currently accepting members and you may sign up by going to the Members page. We also offer Franchising and Investment opportunities. If interested please contact
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